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About Us                                                                                    

Our firm specializes in intellectual property causes, including patent, trademark, and copyright matters.  
We believe in integrating legal and technical expertise in order to protect our clients' interests.  The nature of our firm allows us to provide our clients with prompt personal attention and high quality legal services without exceeding cost expectations.  Our clients include multi-billion dollar corporations, emerging technology start-up companies, international businesses and law firms, divisions of the U.S. government, and individuals.
We are often called upon to counsel our clients regarding maximizing their intellectual property assets through the development, protection, and enforcement of intellectual property portfolios.  These assets allow clients to establish and/or maintain market share as well as attract licensees and investment capital.  Our firm also maintains close working relationships with law firms in all major industrialized countries to thus provide clients with worldwide assistance in obtaining foreign patents, trademarks, and copyrights.
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